Lorac Mega PRO Palette 2 Dupe-A-Thon! (LOTS OF DRUGSTORE DUPES!)

Hey guys! So, I recently got my hands on the Lorac Mega PRO Palette 2 and haven’t kept my hands off of it since it’s arrived in the mail. I’ve been swatching like crazy and sniffing out any dupes (or at least, semi-dupes) I could find in my collection.

Now, I will say that although my collection is decent sized, it’s not enormous like you may see from other beauty bloggers/vloggers. So, when I say that I couldn’t find a dupe for something or could only find something pretty close, that’s just specific to my own collection. I’m sure there are closer, more suitable dupes out there, this is just what I’ve come up with!

Anyways, with that said, let’s get into this! It’s quite a long post, so buckle up.

For those who don’t know, Lorac is an amazing high end makeup brand that are best known for their Pro formulated eyeshadows, which are super duper creamy, smooth, and highly pigmented. They have two original Pro palettes, as well as the original Mega Pro which came out last year and sold out in just one day. Unfortunately I couldn’t snag up that one, but I made it my goal to make sure that I could get the Pro 2. (In fact, I bought it as soon as it was released online since I was afraid of it selling out, even though it’s still available on Ulta’s website now).  Speaking of Ulta, the Pro 2 is an Ulta-exclusive palette, so look nowhere else but there if you are still interested in snagging one up!  The Pro 2 contains 32 shadows, 16 of which are matte and 16 of which are shimmery.

all 2

all 3

all 4

all 1

The shadows can kick up some powder since they are so, so, so smooth but I think dealing with some fallout is definitely worth it for such high quality shadows. The case is a bright blue that’s a matte rubbery-covered cardboard, which tends to get pretty messy (as you’ll see in my photos, lol) due to the powdery nature of these shadows. I don’t mind that though. I’d rather have a messy package and great shadows than gorgeous packaging and mediocre shadows!

While I can start off by saying I absolutely love this palette, there are a few things that disappoint me. I know a lot of people complained that there seemed to be a lot of lighter shades, but I was super happy since those are the shades I tend to gravitate towards for the most part. Unfortunately, a lot of the lighter shades end up looking dusty on the lids for some reason.I don’t know if anyone else is having that issue or what, but that’s the one negative thing thus far about this palette. Otherwise, I totally love it.

Now, onto swatches, reviews and dupes. I’m going to be going through shade by shade, saying a bit about it, and showing the closest dupe I could find for it (if I could find one) swatched alongside the shadow from the Pro 2 palette. I tried to stick as drugstore as possible. The Lorac shadow is on the top and the dupe shadow is on the bottom in all of these swatches. Let’s get started, shall we?

First row: Mattes


Porcelain 1

We start off with Porcelain, a creamy, slightly yellow shade of off-white. While I find the shade to be a great highlight shade since it’s more toned-down than just a pure white, I do find it to be a bit powdery.

Dupe: L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in the shade “Endless Pearl” 

porcelain 2

porcelain 3

As you can see, both of these have the same sort of slightly cream-toned pigment going on about them. the Infallible shadow is a bit thinner and feels a bit “slicker” than Porcelain so it isn’t as prominent, but color wise they are very, very similar.


custard 1

Custard is a very pale yellow which I like to use to transition between my crease shades and my highlight shades. It’s very creamy to the feel, but can apply rather patchy when tried to be applied all over the lid.

Dupe: Wet N Wild’s “The Naked Truth” palette’s “base” shade

custard 2

custard 3

The color is almost an exact dupe, and both of these shades have the tendency to apply a bit unevenly, which makes them a dupe in both the color sense and quality sense.


tawny 1

Tawny is a light orange-toned brown shade. Smooth, creamy, and great for the crease. One of my favorites in the whole palette.

Dupe: Wet N Wild Fergie Centerstage Shadow Palette in “Desert Festival”: Lower Left Hand shade

tawny 2

tawny 3

Since these shades don’t have names on their own, I have to try and describe the location of them to be accurate in describing them, so hopefully that’s good enough! This shade is actually just a little bit shimmery, but when applied to the crease it doesn’t come off as shimmery at all, really. Which is why I found it to be a dupe for Tawny. Although not exactly the same, they can be used in the same manner. So, if you’re unable to get the Pro 2 and Tawny is one of the shades you were aching for, this is a close enough (and way cheaper) dupe option for you!


burlap 1

Burlap is a yellowy brown. While It looks warm-toned in the pan, it can look rather cool-toned depending on what it’s paired with. Again, a great crease shade for whatever sort of look you’re going for!

Dupe: “Allegro” from theBalm’s “The Balm Jovi” Palette 

burlap 2

burlap 3

Here we have the first non-drugstore dupe of the bunch. Although I tried to stick as drugstore as possible, some shades were just impossible to find in my drugstore shadow collection. Though I did get this palette at a super discounted price on Hautelook before, so if you were interested in this palette I would say definitely check it out once theBalm are on Hautelook once more. Anyways, I find Allergo to be an exact dupe for Burlap. Although Burlap’s formula is a bit more creamy, theBalm’s formula is really nice as well.


melon 1

Next up we have Melon. In the photo of mine it looks extremely pale, but in swatch it doesn’t look that light. It’s an orange-peachy melon-y shade, which is accurately named. This one is so buttery and creamy and one of my favorite shades in the whole palette.

Dupe: Wet N Wild’s “California Roll”: Middle right shade

melon 2

melon 3

Now, I know this palette was limited edition around Spring-time, but I am positive people bought these out and are selling them on eBay currently. These palettes were relatively popular as well so I don’t know how many people got their hands on them. This shade is just a hair more pink than it is orange, but it is close enough, especially since matte shades like these are hard to come across in the drugstore. This consistency is actually rather similar to Lorac’s, being super creamy and pigmented.


tangerine 1

Tangerine is a bright, well, tangerine orange shade. It’s bright when built up, but when swatched alone it can be rather muted. It’s still a gorgeous shade for a pop of color and will be great in the spring.

Dupe: Wet N Wild Fergie Centerstage Shadow Palette in “Desert Festival”: Upper Right Hand Shade

tangerine 2

tangerine 3

This shade is a bit more of a deep orange rather than a yellowy tangerine orange, but I mean, hey, if you’re in the market for a bright matte orange shade at the drugstore, this is probably your best bet. The shades can also be almost identical if this shade was applied lightly.


Saddle 1

Saddle is a nice rich cocoa shade. it’s deep without being so deep that it looks nearly black when applied on the eyes. I do wish this palette had a darker matte brown than this one, but this is still a great shade. It’s chocolaty goodness!

Dupe: Flower Beauty’s Shadow Play Eye Shadow Quad in Foxy Brown’s: Lower left hand shade.

saddle 2

saddle 3

This shade in the pan looks absolutely too deep. One thing I find with Flower’s eye shadows though is that while remaining pigmented, the shades tend to be just a hair bit lighter when applied than they appear in the pan. That’s how this one works, seeing as it swatches as nearly the same exact tone as Saddle. A gorgeous matte cocoa brown in a fairly inexpensive quad! This is considered a drugstore dupe since Flower is exclusive to Wal-Mart and priced around the same as other drugstore brands.


forest 1

Forest is a deep, dark greenish brown tone. Usually with these shades, when applied they’re hard to pick up on the green tones and tend to look more black or brown. Forest luckily does it right and has the perfect balance of green and brown.

Dupe: “Greenland” from Cargo Cosmetics’  Northern Lights Palette

forest 2

forest 3

This shade was almost un-dupable, but I found a similar shade in something that I reviewed rather recently on here. Cargo Cosmetics Northern Lights Palette was the perfect place to find a shade similar to Forest. Although Greenland is a touch more green and a hair deeper, it is close enough to that deep matte forest green look that Forest does so well! Although Cargo is not at all a drugstore brand, it is considered a drugstore-dupe where my collection is concerned since I found this at Burlington for a little over $10. I know that these are still circulating throughout Ross and Burlington, so if you happen to see one, go for it!

Second row: Mattes cont.


bisque 1

Bisque is a gentle creamy bone color. It has just the slightest amount of a yellow undertone, but it can still pair with pinker undertones.

Dupe: “Strange” from Urban Decay’s Naked 3 Palette

bisque 2

bisque 3

While Strange is a little bit more pink than Bisque, they both apply so similarly that you can’t tell one from the other when on. I find that most matte cream highlight-type shades are like this, so finding exact dupes isn’t always the most important thing .


lavender 2

lavender 1

Lavender is a pale lavender purple shade. It’s a gorgeous color which is great as a transition shade when doing a purple eye look. This one I actually found to be undupable in my entire collection. I’m sure there are dupes out there somewhere, but this shade is so unique that I couldn’t even find anything slightly similar that I have. Good job, Lorac!


purple 1

Purple is a true cool-toned purple shade. I find that it applies pretty patchy and unevenly, but is still usable to achieve a nice look. This one kicks up the most fallout out of all the matte shades, I believe.

Dupe: “rem” from theBalm’s “The Balm Jovi Palette” 

purple 2

purple 3

Although rem has just a slight amount of shimmer, the shade is  so similar to Purple when applied that the small amount of shimmer doesn’t even matter when applied to the eye. You can achieve the same looks with rem for the most part, though it isn’t possible to build up to as deep of a purple as Purple can be brought to.


sorbet 1

Sorbet is a soft creamy pink shade. It reminds me of the color of strawberry milk, and is one of my favorites in the whole palette! Perfect for applying just above the crease to diffuse your crease shade out. Looooooove it.

Dupe: “Limit” from Urban Decay’s Naked 3 Palette

sorbet 3

sorbet 2

Limit is a little more cool toned while Sorbet has a bit of a warm peachy undertone, but similar looks can be achieved with both of these shades. I know the Naked 3 is a really popular palette and a lot of people probably have it in their collection, so it’s good to know which shade is similar to Sorbet that you can use in a similar manner!


goji 1

Goji is a beautiful light cranberry shade. It’s absolutely stunning and unique, and one that I thought to be totally unlike anything I owned. I did find something similar, but I still prefer Goji over this shade any day of the week.

Dupe: Top row, second shadow, left flap of palette from BH Cosmetic’s San Francisco Palette

goji 2

goji 3

I’m not sure if these are still available through BH Cosmetic’s site, but I’m sure they are lingering somewhere on eBay. BH Cosmetics is super affordable and has decent quality for how cheap they are. I actually got this palette for free through an online order of BH Cosmetics a while ago, and while I never really reached for it, I did find a similar shade to Goji.


cabernet 1

Cabernet is a deep, deep burgundy shade that is absolutely beautiful. These tones are some of my absolute favorites and are considered a must-have by me, so I’m ecstatic that Lorac included such a beautiful shade in this palette!

Dupe: “Sexy” from theBalm’s Nude ‘Tude Palette

cabernet 2

cabernet 3

Sexy has always been one of my absolute favorite shades of all time that I own, which is why I love Cabernet so much. As you can see, Cabernet actually applies just a little bit more patchy than Sexy, so I would definitely prefer Sexy to Cabernet.


ash 1

Ash is a rather unique shade. It’s a matte grey-purple shade that has just a hint of a reflective quality to it. It’s mostly matte, yes, which is why it’s with the mattes, but looked at from the right angles, it has a little hint of shininess. It’s super creamy, but one that I won’t personally be reaching for since I don’t use smoky shades all that much.

Dupe: “Caspian Sea” from Cargo Cosmetics Northern Lights Palette

ash 2

ash 3

Now, this isn’t an exact dupe since Caspian Sea is considered to be shimmery, but they are so similar in color with that deep-grey-mixed-with-light-purple thing going on. Plus, since I wouldn’t consider Ash 100% matte (more like 80% matte), the shimmery quality of Caspian Sea doesn’t make it a deal breaker to consider this a dupe.


black 1

Not much to say about this shade, really. It’s a matte black. It does apply just a bit patchy, but it still gets the job done.

Dupe: “Definer shade” from Wet N Wild’s “Tunnel Vision” palette

black 2

black 3

This is just an average matte black, which is what I feel like Black from the Mega Pro 2 is. This does apply just as patchy as Black, so that’s what made me choose this over any other matte black in my collection.

Third row: Shimmers


sugar 1

Sugar is a frosty beige that looks more yellowy in pan than it does when applied. This is one that I was disappointed with because although it swatches super frosty, when applied to the lids it looks rather light and dusty.

Dupe: “Browbone shade” from Wet N Wild’s “Walking on Eggshells ” palette

sugar 2

sugar 3

This shade is actually way more pigmented and shows up less dusty than Sugar, so I would actually tend to reach for this one more than Sugar, surprisingly. It’s pretty much spot on with the color, though.


chiffon 1

Chiffon is also a unique shade. It is a pale baby pink that has a light amount of sparkle. This one is especially dusty, unfortunately, and although it was one I was most excited for, I am never going to reach for. I also found this shade to be undupable because it is rather unique, even if I don’t think the quality is all that great.


prosecco 1

Prosecco is a gorgeous purply-grey-pink-beige color. It is really unique and can look different depending on what it’s paired with. One of my absolute favorites in the entire palette, and it’s metallic finish is not disappointing unlike the first two shimmers mentioned.

Dupe: Upper right-hand shade in Lorac’s “Plum Velvet” quad

prosecco 2

prosecco 3

Strangely enough, I found the dupe for this color in one of Lorac’s other shadow sets. Last winter they had the Royal Eye Shadow Palette Set that came with three sets of eye shadow quads. This quad is named “Plum Velvet” and the shimmery shade on the upper right corner looks an awfully lot like Prosecco. This one was one of my favorites in the whole Royal collection, so it would make sense that Prosecco is one of my favorites in the whole palette.

Soft Plum:

soft plum 1

You know, sometimes I just gotta thank Lorac for having such simple names for their shades. Soft plum is a shimmery soft dusty plum shade Although I love how it looks, it is another one of those shades that tends to fade and look dusty.

Dupe: “Eyelid shade” on the right side of Wet N Wild’s “Petal Pusher” palette

soft plum 2

soft plum 3

This shade contains a bit of golden glitter, whereas Soft Plum does not. Otherwise, the shades are similar (even if this shade is a little bit deeper than Soft Plum) and this shadow actually has better color payoff than Soft Plum tends to have.


cinnamon 1

Cinnamon is an absolutely gorgeous deep reddish, coppery brown. It has a rather metallic finish and is absolutely stunning for Fall. It has one of the best color payoffs out of the whole palette and is a real standout color.

Dupe: Bottom left, second shadow over in Maybelline’s “Sunbaked Neutrals” palette 

cinnamon 2

cinnamon 3

I absolutely love this Sunbaked Neutrals palette, so I was ecstatic when I came across a shade that was rather close to Cinnamon in it. This shade is just a speck more golden than Cinnamon and has a little less brown to it, but it’s close enough that it would wear the same way on the eyes. Plus, Sunbaked Neutrals is just a great palette to have for fall and is quite good quality for drugstore shadows.


sandstone 1

Sandstone is a gorgeous frosty taupe that can work beautifully as a one shadow sort of shadow. It’s a stunning metallic shade that hits the light in all the right places and can work in a wide array of sorts of looks you could want to achieve. Another one of my favorites!

Dupe: Taupe shade in NYX’s “Be Free” Palette: Fourth row down, fourth shadow over

sandstone 2

sandstone 3

I actually reviewed the NYX Be Free palette on here a while ago and have loved this shade since first getting it. It’s extremely similar to Sandstone, just a little bit less metallic. If applied wet, it gets the same sort of sheen that Sandstone gives off.


gunmetal 1

Gunmetal is a shimmery medium grey. Although I don’t think there’s anything absolutely amazing about this shadow, I do think it’s a really high quality shadow. Although I don’t tend to reach to silvers or greys much, this is a really nice color with good payoff.

Dupe: “Eyelid shade” from Wet N Wild’s “Tunnel Vision” Palette

gunmetal 2

gunmetal 3

This shade is so, so similar to gunmetal. It has just the slightest bit more of a brown tone to it, compared to Gunmetal’s true grey tone, but they look the same when applied on the eyes, and that’s what really matters here, right?

Blue Quartz:

blue quartz 1

Blue Quartz is a stunning shimmery medium blue. I never thought I would actually like a blue eye shadow, but I am absolutely in love with this one. I haven’t figured out how I’m going to wear it yet but trust me, I’m going to find a way to wear it. It’s that stunning.

Dupe: “Neptune” from BH Cosmetics “Galaxy Chic” Palette

blue quartz 2

blue quartz 3

I definitely wouldn’t call these a dupe for one another, as you could probably see from this image. Blue Quartz is way more blue while Neptune is more of a purple-blue. This is the closest color I could find that I owned though, and figured that if someone couldn’t score the Mega Pro 2, they could take comfort in knowing that there was a cheap shade that was somewhat in the same ballpark as this shade. When applied wet, Neptune does get more of a blue tone, so that’s important to keep in mind, as well. (Also, as you could tell, I dropped my Galaxy Chic palette and lots of the shadow’s busted, such as Neptune. Still usable if you can reach them! Haha)

Fourth row: Shimmers cont.


moonlight 1

Moonlight is a stunning yellow-toned pale shimmery shade. It’s a super brightening shade for the inner corner of your eye, or can be used all over the lid as a beautiful lid shade. Another one of my favorites (and luckily it isn’t as dusty looking as the other light shimmery shades mentioned!)

Dupe: Top let shade from Wet N Wild’s “California Roll” palette 

moonlight 2

moonlight 3

This shade is just a teeny bit darker than moonlight but still provides that yellow-toned brightening quality.


seashell 1

Seashell is another yellow-toned shimmery shade that is just a little bit more prominent and deep than Moonlight.

Dupe: Upper left-hand shade in Lorac’s “Plum Velvet” quad

seashell 2

seashell 3

Yep, another dupe from Lorac themselves in the same quad. As you can see, they are so similar that it looks like Lorac got a little bit of inspiration from one of their previous shades. The shade from Plum Velvet is just a little bit more yellow, but is still so similar that you couldn’t tell a difference if you wore one on one eye and the other on the other eye.


peony 1

Peony is a peachy light pink shade that has mediocre pigmentation. It’s not as dusty as, say, Sugar, but it isn’t as prominent as Moonlight and Seashell.

Dupe: Upper right-hand corner shade in Wet N Wild’s “Vinyl Collection” palette

peony 2

peony 3

This shade isn’t as frosty as Peony and is actually a little bit deeper, but they are still similar in tone thatit makes for a good almost-dupe option for Peony.

Dark Sienna:

dark sienna 1

Dark Sienna is an amazing red-toned brown color. I like pairing this one with Gold Leaf, Cinnamon, and Penny for a stunning Fall time look. One of my favorites in the whole palette.

Dupe: “Darkhorse” from Urban Decay’s “Naked Palette”

dark sienna 2

dark sienna 3

Darkhorse is definitely just a little bit more neutral toned and is more rich and deep, but this is the closest thing I could find to Dark Sienna. Again, not something that is totally a dupe for the other, but at very least it’s something that can be worn in a similar fashion and is something that many people may already have in their collection. Not to mention, it’s easier to get your hands on than the Mega Pro 2 might be.


penny 1

Penny is an absolutely gorgeous golden brown bronze color. I don’t think it actually looks like the color of a penny but it is still stunning. It is bright, prominent, and has great pigmentation.

Dupe: The bronze shade in ELF’s “Brown Bonanza”‘ Baked Shadow Trio

penny 4

This shade is very, very close to Penny. It is just a little bit lighter. While it’s still metallic, it has very fine chunks of glitter in it, which is something that Penny does not have. Unfortunately I misplaced my ELF trio after swatching these two and wasn’t able to take a picture of it alone, sorry!

I also find Penny to be rather close to “Smog” from Urban Decay’s Naked Palette, and I included a picture here just for reference between those two, in case you were wondering of another similar shade you may already own!

penny 2

penny 3


olivine 1

olivine 2

Olivine is my favorite in the whole palette, I believe. It is a metallic silvery taupe shade that has just enough of an olive tone to it to make truly unique. I couldn’t find anything at all similar to this shade and think it’s one of the truly worthwhile shades in this palette.

Gold Leaf: 

gold leaf 1

Gold Leaf is true bright yellow gold color. It has great pigmentation and is super duper soft. I love this color for this time of the year, especially paired with some of those bronze shades mentioned earlier. What I like most about it is that it’s a yellow-gold but it’s not too yellow, as some shadows tend to run when they go for this kind of gold.

Dupe: The upper right-hand shade in Lorac’s “Gold Satin” quad

gold leaf 2

gold leaf 3

Yet another color similar to those of the Royal Shadow collection. I would say that this has to be the closest dupe out of the whole bunch, honestly. This shade is just the very slightest bit deeper, but hardly. You can only see the difference when you’re really looking for it.

Black Ivy: 

black ivy 1

Black Ivy is a deep, deep, deep, deep green shade that has very tiny specks of glitter in it (which sometimes looks golden, sometimes look orange, and sometimes looks a greenish color, in my opinion). On the eyes you can hardly notice that it has any sort of a green hint, but it’s still very pretty.

Dupe: “Crease shade” on the right side of Wet N Wild’s “Comfort Zone” palette 

Unfortunately, I have misplaced my Comfort Zone palette and I am unfortunately unable to swatch this for you (as you can see, I’m pretty prone to misplacing things, oops). But, if you look up swatches of the palette, you’ll be able to see how similar that color and Black Ivy are. It’s a deep dark green color with very fine golden shimmers in it.

I do, however, have another shade to compare it with. It’s from Lorac’s Gold Satin quad just like the last shade, though this dupe is the lower right-hand shade.

black ivy 2

black ivy 3

It’s a medium black shade containing the same looking microglitter that Black Ivy has. It’s not green-toned, but again, you can hardly see that slight amount of green tone on the eyes, anyways.

Whew boy, this post took a lot of work! I hope you guys liked it and if you do please be sure to like this post and follow me! I tried my best to stick to drugstore and cheap dupes for you guys, but sometimes it’s hard!

If you liked this post, please also comment and let me know if you’d ever want this sort of post again! My drugstore collection is quite expansive so I have no problem doing this with higher-end palettes to help some people out. Also let me know what other sorts of posts you’d like to see! Also, did you end up snagging the Mega Pro 2? What’s your favorite shade? Let me know!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you all have a really nice day/night/whatever it is where you are!


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