Upcoming Beauty Deals of this Upcoming Week! (October 11th-October 17th!)

Hey hey hey guys! I’m back for another weekly edition of the best beauty deals for the week! I know I said I would be back during this past week for another post other than one of the best deals, buuuut as I say in every post, classes have been kicking my ass. In fact, it’s nearly midnight and I’m just getting done with studying for two midterms I have to take tomorrow. Oh fun!

Anyways, there’s tons of posts I want to make soon, and I promise I will do them! Hopefully after midterms, things will be way less stressful and I can get back into doing two posts a week if I can. I know I mentioned a review on City Color blushes, but I’m actually going to do a Lorac Mega Pro Palette 2 Dupe-A-Thon soon so the blush review might need to take a hold! (But hey, late is better than never, right?)

ANYWAYS, let’s focus back on this post, yeah? For a detailed explanation that will hopefully answer any of your questions about these posts, please see this post to clear anything up! Without any further blabbering, I’ll get right on into this week’s deals!

Rite Aid: 

-40% Off All Revlon Cosmetics

-40% Off Physician’s Formula Foundation, Powder, Concealer, Blush, and Bronzer products

-$4.99 All Neutrogena Eyeliners, Mascaras, and Lip Soothers


-Buy One Get One 50% off all Milani Cosmetics

-Buy One Get One 50% off all NYX Cosmetics

-Save $1 off Select Wet n Wild Cosmetics (See CVS’ site to check on specific items, though it seems like everything except lip products are included in this deal!)


NYX eye cosmetics: Buy One, Get One 50% off.


On Wednesday at 11 AM EST, Mally Beauty will be featured.

This looks like that’s about all of it for now! I know it wasn’t much but hey, don’t blame me. I don’t set these sales.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it helpful. If you did, and if you want more posts like this in the future still, please like this post! Also, comment about which deal you’re most excited for!

As always, thanks so much for reading, and I’ll talk to you guys soon!


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