Wet N Wild Fall 2015 “Here’s To The Wild Ones” Limited Edition Megalast Lipstick Swatches-All 6 Shades!

Boy, was that one heck of a title or what!

Anyways, hey guys! Back again (finally) for another review. This is an exciting one! This one is on the new Wet N Wild Megalast Lipsticks from their Fall 2015 “Here’s to the Wild Ones” Limited Edition collection (in case that wasn’t clear in the title). These lipsticks are priced at just $1.99 a stick, which is a super steal. The shades are mostly fall-oriented shades with a few pops of color thrown in. I love the original megalast lipsticks, so I as soon as I saw these on the display shelf of Rite Aid, I snatched them up. Let’s take a closer look!

all 1

Alright, so, to start things off, I’ll admit it: I’m a major Wet N Wild stan. I love most of their products and find their quality to be way better than what you would expect from their price point (seriously, get the Walking on Eggshells trio just for that bottom pink champagne shade. You won’t be disappointed). So, of course, when I happened to walk through the makeup aisle in Rite Aid (as I tend to do), I found the display that housed these 6 new shades of lipstick along with 6 new limited edition nail polish shades. At first I just grabbed up two of them that I thought would fit me best, but then I figured I may as well go back and pick up the other four to review for you guys, so that’s what I did!

These are all very creamy (if not too creamy) and ultra pigmented, and are great quality for just $1.99. I find these to generally be more creamy and shiny than the original Megalast shades, but they are in no way glittery or shimmery. They are a true cream finish and can set to a matte color if left on the lips undisturbed for a while. I don’t want to write too much of an overview on them reviewing ’em since they all are kind of different, so I’ll leave it up to the individual reviews to tell you more about them. Let’s get started!

-34671: Celeb Sighting

celeb sighting 2

celeb sighting 3

celeb sighting 4

celeb sighting 5

Celeb Sighting 1

This orange-based red is really a pretty pop of color. At first I was reluctant to buy it, since I don’t generally like to wear red lipsticks, but I did it for the sake of reviewing these and turned out to be pleasantly surprised. The orange tone in it makes it appear even brighter. The formula itself is creamy, but not too creamy (you’ll see what I mean later on). Since it’s a rather creamy formula, it does transfer a bit so don’t expect to make it through the entire day without touching it up, but this bad boy can handle a meal and stay put.

34672: On the Ave

on the ave 2

on the ave 3

on the ave 4

On the Ave 1

This shade was another I was hesitant to buy. I gravitate towards plums, purples, neutral pinks, and nudes, so a super bright pink color didn’t make me get all giddy. But again, pleasantly surprised! It’s bright, but not extremely neon looking. It’s like, if a bright pink had a baby with a baby doll/barbie pink, but then turned it down a notch. If that makes any sense. It looks pretty and bright without being in your face. I actually really like this one. Again, super creamy and pigmented. This one wears away faster than Celeb Sighting, but what can ya do, right?

-34673: Coffee Buzz

coffee buzz 2

coffee buzz 3

coffee buzz 4

coffee buzz 5

coffee buzz 1

Now this is one of the two that I originally picked up thinking I would love it. I’m not afraid to wear deep or vampy colors in the winter, especially since I think they look good with my pale skin. So, I got home, giddily threw this on, and kind of paused like …what? The formula on this one is just too creamy, in my opinion. It smears everywhere and tends to go outside of my lips no matter what I do (you can see that on the top lip, and a bit on the bottom lip left corner). Seriously, I open my mouth and it appears on my chin. I go to apply a bit more near my cupid’s bow and it ends up on my cheek. I don’t even know how this happens. I’m not that clumsy with my makeup, this texture is just so creamy and pigmented that it will appear everywhere you even move it near (almost like the Revlon Ultra HD lipsticks, but even more smear-y). It gets frustrating when applying it, and even more frustrating when having to check every 20 minutes to make sure no more has smeared. You can even see on my cap how this just kind of goes all over. The color is a gorgeous deep burgundy (like, burgundy in it’s deepest, almost blackest, form) and is pretty unique. If this is a color you’re after, definitely get it since this sort of color isn’t exactly easy to find at the drugstore. Just be aware you might have to deal with some smearing and whatnot..

34674: Vintage Vibe

vintage vibe 2

vintage vibe 1

vintage vibe 3

vintage vibe 4

Vintage Vibe 5

This is the other one of the two I originally picked up. Although it is ultra-creamy and does tend to end up outside of my lip line, it isn’t as bad as Coffee Buzz. Plus, since it isn’t as deep, it makes for easier cleanup. This is a beautiful deep berry shade that is absolutely perfect for fall. It’s a bit more pink than purple, but just barely so. I really, really, really love this shade. It is right on my alley (Kandy Ho reference, anyone? Anyone?) I wouldn’t say this is my favorite of the group, surprisingly, but it really is gorgeous.

34675: Photobomb

photobomb 4

photobomb 2

photobomb 3

photobomb 5


This shade is an absolutely stunning deep reddish-brown. I believe this is like brick red (which already has some brown tones to it) mixed with a cocoa color and it’s absolutely stunning. It’s a good way for people to ease into the whole 90s brown lipstick trend that’s coming back, without going full on brown. Since this has a red base, it is a perfect option for people who just want to get their feet wet in the realm of brown lipstick. This one is super creamy and will stain your lips to some extent, meaning it is one of the longer lasting ones of the bunch. Love love love!

34676: Nightcap

nightcap 3

nightcap 2

nightcap 4

nightcap 5

nightcap 1

Finally, we have Nightcap. This is a straight up brown. Like, none of that “dipping your feet in the water” stuff here. Nope, this is straight up brown. It has a more orange undertone than Photobomb and it isn’t as deep. It could have a little bit of a red quality to it at some angles, but seriously, this is just a warm brown shade. And I absolutely loooove it. I was just watching an episode of Friends the other day where Monica was rocking some brown lipstick and I thought about how I needed that in my life. Now it is in my life, and I am very happy. This formulation is nice, smooth, and creamy, and although it might not last that long, since it’s a bit deeper it tends to last longer than some lipsticks.This shade along with Photobomb are really unique shades and I’m very happy I decided to pick them up.

Now, onto the next part of this review: Comparing (some of) these lipsticks to some of the original Megaliast lipsticks to see if there are any dupes or any that you don’t absolutely have to pick up. Let’s take a peek.

Celeb Sighting Dupe: Red Velvet

compare 3

Right half of my lips: Celeb Sighting. Left half of my lips: Red Velvet

As you can see, those are pretty dang close. But, if you look closely, there are differences. Celeb Sighting is a bit brighter and more orange toned, while Red Velvet is just a hair deeper and more on the melon-red side. I do prefer Celeb Sighting due to the orange tone, but this is close enough that you don’t have to feel terrible about missing out on if you can’t get your hands on Celeb Sighting.

On the Ave Dupe: Smokin’ Hot Pink

compare 4

On the left of my: Smokin’ Hot Pink. On the right: On the Ave

As you can clearly see, Smokin’ Hot Pink is a bit more toned down and softer compared to On the Ave, which is just a bit brighter and deeper. SHP is a little bit more neutral toned, too. I don’t think these are exact dupes at all, but it’s the closest I could find, and isn’t too far off.

Vintage Vibe Dupe: Sugar Plum Fairy

compare 2

On the left of my lips: Vintage Vibe. On the right: Sugar Plum Fairy.

I bet if I didn’t tell you which were which, you couldn’t guess, could you? Probably not, because they are almost exactly the same. They’re not exactly the same, of course, but very, very close. Vintage Vibe is just a little bit more pink while SPF is just a little bit more of a deeper purple. This is barely a difference, which is why I wouldn’t consider Vintage Vibe one of the necessities of this collection, no matter how much I like the color.

Coffee Buzz Dupe: Vamp it Up

compare 1

On the left of my lips: Vamp It Up. On the right: Coffee Buzz

Now, these two swatched on my hand looked like almost exact dupes for each other. I knew they weren’t, since Vamp It Up is one of my faves and I knew from wearing Coffee Buzz they weren’t too much alike, but I figured I’d include it. Vamp It Up is more purple-toned, while Coffee Buzz is more red-toned (thought not red-toned enough to look like WNW’s Cherry Bomb). This picture really shows the differences in tone, but in real life it actually is less noticeable than this. I’d still turn to Vamp It Up before Coffee Buzz here though, just because it’s less messy.

Here are some general comparison swatches.

compare 5

The top row is the original colors (Smokin’ Hot Pink, Red Velvet, and Sugar Plum Fairy), while the bottom row is the Here’s to the Wild Ones colors (On the Ave, Celeb Sighting, and Vintage Vibe)

compare 6

Top row is Coffee Buzz, bottom row is Vamp it Up (they both smeared because I stupidly put my arm on my pillow right after swatching these. My bad).

So, finally, what’s my final verdict on this lipstick collection?

Well, they’re nice, sure. I do love WNW lipsticks, and they are all great quality for that price. Do I think they’re absolute must-haves? For the most part, no. On the Ave, Celeb Sighting, and Vintage Vibe are pretty dupable in the very same line of lipsticks, so you if you already have the “dupe” shades I mentioned then it isn’t necessary for you to get these as well, or you can at least feel comfort in knowing if you can’t find these LE shades you can at least get pretty darn close to their shades. Also, I can’t emphasize how much of a mess Coffee Buzz is (for me, at least). So those aren’t absolutely necessary. Buuuut Nightcap and Photobomb are truly gorgeous shades that are unique, creamy, and don’t have dupes that I can really find in the Megalast line as far as I can tell. Those two are definitely worth snagging if you were to pick up just two out of the line.

But, if you like collecting makeup and enjoy knowing that you have limited edition items, then sure, grab these up! They are inexpensive and aren’t terrible products. In fact, I really do like them for the most part.

And, if you were to go try to find these (or any other WNW items), keep in mind that WNW is 40% off at Rite Aid this week! CVS also has a sale that is buy 2, get 1 free on all WNW items. I talk about more beauty savings and deals in my last post here, so please be sure to check that out!

Plan on picking


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