Upcoming Beauty Deals of this Upcoming Week! (September 6, 2015-September 12th, 2015)

Hey guys! So as you might have seen, I did a little introductory post about weekly posts I plan on doing from now on, but here I’ll go a bit more in depth about it all.

So, I love shopping for good deals. I usually don’t pay full price for any of my makeup unless I have to (like if it’s a product I need but most likely won’t go on sale any time soon). I am very thrifty when it comes to my makeup, and I would like to start spreading my thrifty wisdom onto you all! So, here we are.

Firstly, let me start off by elaborating on something that I touched on in my last post. For the most part, Walmart is your best bet for the best prices on drugstore brand makeup. Walmart has such lower prices because they buy in massive bulk from the companies, which lowers the price to buy for them, which they then pass their savings over to the customers. Not only that, but CVS and Rite Aids and the like are all convenience stores. They are there for your convenience. That means they can afford to jack up the prices some because people will still buy it, because it’s more convenient than having to track to a Walmart or other mass retailer. So, like I said, Walmart is the place to go for lower priced drugstore makeup.

Even with the common Buy One Get One 50% Off deals at drugstores, Walmart is (((usually))) the cheaper option. For example, a Maybelline ColorSensational Lipstick at Rite Aid is 7.99. Get two of those on a BOGO50 sale and your total comes to $11.98. At Walmart on the other hand, the same ColorSensational Lipstick is just $5.50 a piece. Two of those come to $11, which is still cheaper than the drugstore. Not a huge difference, no, but still not anything to run to the drugstore to snag up.

So, now that that explanation is done, I’ll just say that I won’t be covering the BOGO50 sales here, unless they are actually worth making a fuss over. I know that some people don’t shop at Walmart, so I’m not trying to exclude you guys! It’s just that I’m looking for the best and cheapest deals, and I don’t want to put anything more than that out there!


Now that that’s out of the way, I’ll talk about what I will be talking about. Clearance finds at various places (since usually items on clearance at one location of a store is probably on clearance at another location of a store), finds at Burlington or Ross or the like (because again, if it’s on sale at one, it’s probably on sale at others), special weekly sales, or any miscellaneous finds that I come across! I’ll try to post updates throughout the week if I happen to find any, so if you enjoy this type of post and want to be on the lookout for yourself, try to check back! Also, I should mention that these posts are going to be American-centric!! Some may apply to other countries depending on the stores there, but anything that I find or weekly sale I talk about is specifically ones that I find in my area of America.

Now, finally, without further ado, here is the list of sales for this week of September 6th, 2015-September 12th, 2015.

Rite Aid: 

-40% Off All Revlon Cosmetics, excluding clearance items, with Rite Aid Wellness Card.

-40% Off All Wet N Wild Cosmetics, excluding clearance items, with Rite Aid Wellness Card.

-Buy One Get One 75% Off Physician’s Formula Foundation, Powder, Concealer, Blush, or Bronzers with Rite Aid Wellness Card.

-40% Off All Almay Cosmetics, excluding clearance items, with Rite Aid Wellness Card.

-L’Oreal Eyeliners: $6.99 with Rite Aid Wellness Card.


-Buy One Get One 50% Off All Nyx Cosmetics (Walmart does not carry Nyx cosmetics, so this is an exception to the BOGO50) with CVS card

-30% Makeup Academy Cosmetics, excluding eye shadow palettes with CVS card

-$10 Makeup Academy Eye Shadow Palettes with CVS card

-Nivea Lip Care: 3 for $6 (some of my favorite lip balms!)


TheBalm’s Cindy-Lou Manizer Highlighter is on sale for $15 (regularly $24)

Stila’s Color Balm Lipstick in the shade Ruby is on sale for $10.97 (regularly $22).

TheBalm’s Blushes (Cabana Boy, Frat Boy, and Down Boy) on sale for $12 (regularly $21)

TheBalm’s The Body Builder Mascara on sale for $12 (regularly $19).

ELF’s Website:

-Free shipping with any order.

-Free mystery gift bag with any $25 purchase, using either the code “Bronzed” or the code “Bold”!


-Lorac is on Hautelook until Tuesday at 10 am EST

-Pixi by Petra is on Hautelook until Tuesday at 10 am EST

-Manna Kadar Cosmetics is on Hautelook until Monday at 10 am EST


Also, exciting news! Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty starts today! Just in time for me to make this post. I’m going to go through day by day for the next week to give you the rundown on what’s on sale on what days.

-September 6th*:

Bareminerals Prime Time Foundation Primers are 50% off, now $12

-September 7th*:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel 50%, now $11

-September 8th*:

Japonesque Color Velvet Touch & Radiance Primer 50% off, now $16

-September 9th:

Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched Lip Cream 50%, now $11

-September 10th:

Stila Smudge Waterproof Eyeliner, buy one get one free ($22 for 2)

ONLINE ONLY: Laura Geller Mega Spackle Primer in Champagne 50%, $22.50

-September 11th*:

Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer 50%, now $10.

-September 12th*:

All Butter London Lip products: $10

*There are a few skin care items that I left out, just because I try to keep my focus primarily on cosmetics. The days with asterisks are days I left something out.

Wow, this is an exciting week! Usually there aren’t this many deals, but looks like we’re in luck this week! What deals are you most excited for? I can always expand my WNW eyeshadow collection so I’m so there for that. Also, hoping to get my hand on some of those Stila lip creams and one specific Butter London lipstick!

Let me know if you guys like this kind of post or not, or if you found it helpful! Thanks so much for reading!


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