Upcoming Beauty Deals of this Upcoming Week! (September 27th-October 3rd)

Hey guys! I’m back for another upcoming beauty deals for this week. I really hope you guys are liking these and that they’re helping you save! For a detailed explanation that will hopefully answer any of your questions about these posts, please see this post to clear anything up! Let’s dive right on in with this week then!

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Wet N Wild Fall 2015 “Here’s To The Wild Ones” Limited Edition Megalast Lipstick Swatches-All 6 Shades!

Boy, was that one heck of a title or what!

Anyways, hey guys! Back again (finally) for another review. This is an exciting one! This one is on the new Wet N Wild Megalast Lipsticks from their Fall 2015 “Here’s to the Wild Ones” Limited Edition collection (in case that wasn’t clear in the title). These lipsticks are priced at just $1.99 a stick, which is a super steal. The shades are mostly fall-oriented shades with a few pops of color thrown in. I love the original megalast lipsticks, so I as soon as I saw these on the display shelf of Rite Aid, I snatched them up. Let’s take a closer look!

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Upcoming Beauty Deals of this Upcoming Week! (September 20th, 2015- September 26th, 2015)

Hello all! So sorry that I didn’t post this weekly beauty deals thing last week, I’ve been super sick and classes are kicking my ass(es? Idk I tried to make a rhyme).

But, I am back! And have some more beauty deals to share with you all. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be the only thing on my blog now. I plan on posting a review sometime mid this week, so look out for that!

Anyways, back to this. I’m excited to share with you another round-up of the best beauty deals around, so sit back, relax, and get ready to save!

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Upcoming Beauty Deals of this Upcoming Week! (September 6, 2015-September 12th, 2015)

Hey guys! So as you might have seen, I did a little introductory post about weekly posts I plan on doing from now on, but here I’ll go a bit more in depth about it all.

So, I love shopping for good deals. I usually don’t pay full price for any of my makeup unless I have to (like if it’s a product I need but most likely won’t go on sale any time soon). I am very thrifty when it comes to my makeup, and I would like to start spreading my thrifty wisdom onto you all! So, here we are.

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Best Beauty Finds of This Past Week

Hello all! Today I have something exciting I would like to share with you all. If you’ve ever read any of my blog posts, really, I love beauty deals. I’d say 99% of the makeup I have in my collection has been bought on sale or at a discounted price one way or another. I am all for cutting costs so I tend to shop around deals or wait until things are on sale to purchase, allowing me to slowly (but most definitely surely) grow my collection.

So, I’m going to be starting a weekly post talking about deals of the week that could benefit you, too! This will include various weekly deals from drugstores, marked down items at stores like Burlington or Ross, HauteLook deals, clearance sales at various places, etc. Now, I can’t go everywhere and track down every deal available for a week, but I can at least update you on the ones I see!

Right now, I’m just going to go over deals that I was able to grab up this past week. In another post, I’m going to list deals for this upcoming week and update it if/when I find something more to add! Let’s take a look though!

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