Ipsy Bag July 2015 Review!

Hey guys! Hope you’re all doing well. Today is pretty exciting, I’m doing my very first Ipsy bag review! Woo! I’ve been receiving these bags since around November, I believe, and have been pretty happy with the majority of them, and luckily, this month is no different.

For those who don’t know, Ipsy is a subscription bag service that is only $10 a month. Every month, you get a themed bag that contains 5 makeup or beauty products. Sometimes they are small sample sizes, deluxe sample sizes, or even full sized things! I believe it is way worth the $10 (most months, at least). This month’s theme is Summer Lovin’, so let’s take a dive into the bag and see what I got!

pack 3

This was the bag and little card that came this month. The bag feels sturdier than some other months, though it isn’t exactly the biggest bag. It still works, and is actually the bag that I took to bring my nail polishes when packing for vacation.

The products that I got in this month’s bag are:

-Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator Cleanser

-Be a Bombshell Lip Balm in “French Kiss”

-Essie Nail Polish in “Playground”

-CityColor HD Powder

-Octavio Molina Hair’s “La Playa Sea Salt Spray”

Let’s take a better look at the products individually!

-Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator Cleanser

cleanser 1

cleanser 2

This is a sample size of a facial cleanser. It is 20 grams/.7 ounces, and has an estimated value of about $5.7. I won’t lie, I haven’t used this so I can’t give a full, in depth review on this product. Sometimes new face products messes my skin up, and with my vacation approaching I didn’t want to risk breaking out. I did some more research on this product though and apparently it is vegan, paraben-free, and 99% natural! All good signs. It does have a light smell to it, but nothing overpowering. It has almost a flowery scent with a hint a tangy, citrus smell, but it is really subtle. Excited to try this!

-Be a Bombshell Lip Balm in “French Kiss”

lips 1

lips 2

lips 3

First off, can we talk about how pretty this packaging is? Simple yet elegant. I fell in love when I first saw it. Ipsy offered two shades of this product (this and a red shade named “Ruby”), since there was a 50/50 chance of getting either one. I was going to include a photo of this product swatched on my hand, but the shade is really sheer so almost nothing showed up in the photo. Though that’s not a bad thing, this is just a tinted lip balm so it’s supposed to be sheer. It’s a gorgeous light pink color that makes my lips just a few shades paler than my natural lip color. It has almost a milky appearance to it, but not in a bad way. Anything that makes your lips look ‘milky’ doesn’t sound appealing, but this was actually a nice kind of sheen.

lips 4

Be a Bomshell Lip Balm in French Kiss Lip Swatch

This product is super creamy and feels very hydrating, and is great for just a tint of color. The only downside is that I would love some SPF in this product. This product is 4.6 grams/.16 ounces, and I am assuming that it is the full size, so the value $14.

-Essie Nail Polish in “Fashion Playground”

nail 1

nail 3

nail 4

This is a gorgeous pistachio mint green color. I would include a picture of this on the nails, but I ran out of my base coat, so I’ll include one later! Of course Essie is known as being a good quality nail polish, so as long as this shade is like the other shades I own, it has great staying power (with or without a top coat). This is a great summery shade! This is full size at .5 ounces, and has a value of $8.50.

-CityColor HD Powder

powder 1

Again, I tried to swatch this but since it’s translucent, it really didn’t show up. Let me just say, I wasn’t expecting this to be that great. I have heard good things about City Color, so it wasn’t that I had some preconceived notion about the brand. It’s just that I figured I already have the ELF HD Powder and that works wonders for me, so this would just be nothing special. I was wrong! This is actually a bit more finely milled than ELF’s powder, making it so much softer to the touch. This also means that it leaves even more of a natural glowy, soft-focused kind of look well still acting as a setting powder. I love it so much, especially to set my concealer right under my eyes! This is a sample size at 4 grams, with an estimated value of $4.30.

-Octavio Molina Hair’s “La Playa Salt Spray”

hair 2

Lastly, we have my favorite thing in the whole bag. Although I really do love the other three products I’ve tried (and I’m sure I’ll enjoy the cleanser), this little guy is amazing. First, let me start off by saying that this is a heavy bottle. They definitely didn’t just fill this up halfway and call it a day. Nope, it was filled all the way, and is a decent size for a sample. The bottle is really great; the matte white bottle with the blue writing is gorgeous, and the pump is probably the best pump for hair products I’ve tried, no lie. I already fell in love when I saw the bottle, without even trying it.

But then I tried it. And things got even better.

That night that I got it, I showered and sprayed it on damp hair, then hoped for the best. Let me just say, it really did work. I could even see my hair drying wavier than usual as I let it air dry. I went to bed, and woke up with gorgeous waves. My hair is already just a little bit wavy naturally, but this just took it to the next level and gave it a gorgeous beachy look. I like this stuff more than my John Freida Beach Blonde Sea Salt Spray, and I like that stuff a lot. This is a 2 oz. bottle valued at $7.75. I will definitely repurchase this product when this sample runs out!

Overall, I loved this Ipsy bag (way more than I liked last months!). I was extremely pleased with everything I got, and with an estimated bag value of $40.25 with just the products, plus a cute makeup bag on top of that, it’s a steal! Very pleased with Ipsy this month, and I’m already excited to see what next month’s bag has in store!


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