NYX Be Free Palette Review

Hello! How’s everyone doing today? I have a pretty nice review for you all today, on the NYX Be Free Palette

all 1

all 2

all 3

This palette contains a whopping 25 eyeshadows, 3 blushes, and 7 lip glosses (the blushes and lip glosses are in a little pullout tray on the bottom, keeping your glosses mostly safe from powder fallout). And the best part? It was only $8! Yep, that’s right. I got mine for $8 from Ross. The original retail price for this palette is $20, but it seems to be no longer available from mass retailers, like Ulta. I have seen the Be Free palette at least 2 Ross locations and 2 Burlington locations, so I’m sure that there are these palettes floating around somewhere at your local Ross/Burlington/Marshall’s/etc. Plus, it’s available on Amazon, though it is selling for $17 there.

Let’s start off with the eyeshadows, shall we?

all 4

This palette contains 5 rows of 5 shadows, equaling a whopping 25 shadows altogether (14 of which are matte). Plus, out of all those shadows, I am only truly disappointed with 3 of them. I think my favorite thing about these shadows is that they really included a way to do almost any kind of look. Purple smokey eye? Done. Natural rosy eye? Done. Taupe-toned eye? Done. All matte nude eye? Done. Teal smokey eye? Also done. Seriously, almost anything you could want to do is here, just using 25 shadows. I say that is pretty successful! I’m going to do what I did for my ELF Garden Party Kit Palette Review and just label them by row number and assign a letter to them since there are no names for the eyeshadows. Let’s get started!

Row 1:

row 1

row 1 swatches

The swatches do go from bottom to top on all of my pictures, sorry for the confusion.

Shade 1A: A gorgeous rose-gold shade. The swatch came a bit more bronzed, but it is actually a bit more orange than it appeared in the picture. This shade is stunningly soft with great pigmentation.

Shade 1B: A nice yellow cream colored matte shade. It’s not as buttery as the previous shade but, with mattes, it’s to be expected. It is definitely not bad by any means, though.

Shade 1C: a light pinkish-purple shade. This does apply rather sheer and this swatch took about 3-4 swipes of my finger to build up to it. This is one of those three shades I said I was disappointed in since it is so sheer. It’s shimmery, but the shimmer hardly shows up since it is so light.

Shade 1D: A pink-toned ivory shade. This is another matte, and definitely more chalky than shade 1B. I wouldn’t say it is completely disappointing, but it is not a shade I really use from this palette.

Shade 1E: My favorite shadow in the entire palette. It’s a stunningly soft, gentle, and pigmented pearly pink shade that honestly beats out Sin from UD to me. It’s not exactly the same shade, as this is a bit paler, but if I had to choose between the two on which to wear, it’d definitely be this one.

Row 2: 

row 2

row 2 swatches

Shade 2A: This is a gorgeous and unique shade. It is a nice, dusty pink shade that almost verges on mauve. It is completely matte but is surprisingly amazingly soft. I know I use this comparison a lot, but I would rank this as almost as buttery as a Lorac shadow (the most buttery of shadows that I own). Another one of my favorites.

Shade 2B: This is a gorgeous, shimmery bronze color. This is another one of those insanely soft shades, and something weird that I find with this one is that it can almost look taupe depending on the angle. A nice one to do a darker one-shadow look with.

Shade 2C: The second shade that I was disappointed in in this palette. If you can tell from the picture of it in the pan, it looks paler in the center and then like a bright purple around the edges. Originally, it was all that bright purple color, but when I tried to swatch it, it kind of, well, did /that/. It hardly even shows up with just one swatch and takes a lot of building up, but messing with that weird shiny layer that formed after touching it isn’t worth it in my opinion. For the record, it is a matte bright pink-toned purple shade, but isn’t as crazy as it looks in the pan.

Shade 2D: This is another gorgeous matte pink. It is also sort of dusty, but not as dusty as the first shade in the row. It’s a stunning crease color for a natural pink eyeshadow look, and is another unique shade that I don’t think matches anything in my collection.

Shade 2E: A gorgeous, shimmery turquoise color. This shadow’s pigmentation and softness is pretty average, so its not a bad show, but it’s not one I could live without.

Row 3: 

row 3

row 3 swatches

Shade 3A: This whole row is of mattes, which is a nice touch. To start things off, we have a dusty, purple shade. In the pan it just looks grey, but in the actual swatch it actually has a purple hue to it. Not too chalky, but not too smooth. A really great, and unique, shade.

Shade 3B: An orange-toned brown matte shade. This one is so pigmented, so just a little dip of the brush in goes a longgg way. This one is soft, but kicks up a bit of extra powder when messed with so be warned!

Shade 3C: A very light lilac shade. This one also takes a little building up since it’s so pale, but the payoff for building it up is gorgeous. As you can see in the pan, though, it’s kind of doing the same thing that 2C was doing, though it’s nowhere near as bad.

Shade 3D: This is a pure cocoa powder color. Despite having tons of matte browns in my collection, I don’t have one that is so chocolaty looking as this one. Love, love, love.

Shade 3E: A very unique shade. This is a matte dusty teal. I have never had a use for this shade, but it’s nice to know that if a look ever calls for a deep, dusty teal shade, I have one! (And a good quality one at that!)

Row 4: 

row 4

row 4 swatches

Shade 4A: A nice shimmery cocoa brown color. This shade actually has some pink undertone hanging onto it, which is why it is a bit red looking.

Shade 4B: This is a gorgeous shimmery taupe shade. This one was originally super soft but, as the pan wears down, it is getting a little bit rougher. Definitely not that big of a deal though, since it’s still easy to work with.

Shade 4C: Another pinky purple shade, almost like a pale magenta. It has lots of shimmer, but comes off a bit sheerer than what it looks in the pan.

Shade 4D: swatched in the photo, this looks almost exactly like shade 4B. But, this one is just a little bit darker. I find this actually really useful when I’m doing a taupe eye look, because since they’re rather similar but still different they blend seamlessly together.

Shade 4E: Aquamarine is one of my favorite colors, so I was really happy to see that this one was so beautiful, soft, and pigmented. Unfortunately, I won’t be using this all too much in my eyeshadow looks, but its still a nice one to have on hand.

Row 5:

 row 5

row 5 swatches

Shade 5A: In the pan, it looks like a dark grey color. But when swatched, it is actually a deep matte royal purple shade. It’s stunning, really, and provides the perfect touch to use this palette for a purple smokey eye.

Shade 5B: This is a very deep brown that verges on black. It looks like it has very tiny specks of glitter in it in the pan, but when I swatch it or apply it it turns out to be a matte shade.

Shade 5C: This shade is deceiving in the pan. It looks like it’ll be a deep sea blue, but instead is just a lighter blue. It’s not a bad color or anything, but it is insanely sheer. This shade is almost matte but has just a little bit of shimmer throughout it.

Shade 5D: The final shade I was absolutely disappointed in in this palette. I was excited to see them include a nice matte black in here, until I swatched it and found that it hardly shows up, applies unevenly, and is just terrible to work with. As you can see in the pan, it’s doing that same thing that shade 2C did, where it has that weird film-like layer over top of it.

Shade 5E: A forest green matte shade that is, again, unique to anything that I own. It’s very buttery smooth and applies perfectly even!

So, now that the shadows are done, there’s more to examine! Lastly, we have the three blushes and 7 lip glosses to look at. Here we go!

all 5

Blush #1: 

blush 1 swatches

On the bottom of my arm is the blush just swatched, then right above it is a sweep of the blush on to see how it appears on the face.

This blush is a nice medium pink blush. It has berry undertones almost, but is neutral for the most part. The twist to this one is that it has a little bit of golden shimmer, which gives the brushed out swatch on my arm that golden glow. It looks stunning on and provides a sunkissed looking glow.

Blush #2: 

blush 2 swatches

This is a really warm, almost coral, pink shade that contains that very same golden shimmer, that almost makes the blush look peach in some angles. It is another one that effortlessly provides a sunkissed glow. Although I do not personally own Nars Orgasm blush, I must say that this is a pretty close dupe for it.

Blush #3

blush 3 swatches

The only matte blush there is, this is a beautiful baby doll pink shade. This one is a bit sheerer than the others, but I like that, because sometimes they other two can apply too heavily. This one is great and easy to build up.

Over all, these blushes are amazing. They are so pigmented and are honestly shades that would look great on any skin tone. The first two especially, especially since they give off that great sunkissed glow effect. They are all super soft and, if anything, are too pigmented and rich. I love them all! Now onto the lip glosses.

 lip swatches 1

Again, the swatches are going from bottom to top. So the bottom is the first, then up one is the second, then third, and fourth.

lip swatches 2

The bottom here is the fifth, then the sixth, then above that is the seventh one. Sorry for the confusing swatch order! It was hot outside and they were melting, so I just wanted to get them done and out of the way without really thinking.

Lip gloss #1: 

lip 1

This is a beautiful watermelon shade. It contains minimal shimmer to give it that nice glow. Nothing too outrageous.

Lip gloss #2

lip 2

This is a shimmer-free light pink shade. I usually go for mauve lips or deep lips, so I was surprised when I actually really liked this one and thought I would wear it!

Lip gloss #3

lip 3

I was kind of disappointed with how deceiving this color was. In the pan it looks like a really nice mauve color, but on the lips it sort of comes out as a pale pink. It’s still a gorgeous color regardless, just not what I was expecting it to look like.

Lip gloss #4 

lip 4

Boy oh boy, this one is super shimmer, as if you can’t tell. It is a deep brownish red base color with tons and tons of golden shimmer in it. Shimmery, foiled lip looks aren’t my thing, but if they were yours you might like this one! It is a bit drier than the other (I think the shimmer has something to do with it), but it isn’t awful.

Lip gloss #5:

lip 5

This shade is just a pale pink shade. It isn’t the most pigmented, since you can still see my natural lip color underneath, but it does add a nice bright look to the lips. It is a bit shimmer, but nowhere near as shimmery as the previous color.

Lip gloss #6:

lip 6

This shade is really weird in my opinion. It’s not a bad weird, just kind of…different. It’s an almost baby-doll pink, but has some sort of milky look to it. Again, weird. It applies kind of streaky, and I can’t see myself using this one much.

Lip gloss #7: 

lip 7

Swatched it looks like it’ll be a bright red, but it kind of comes off as a deep melon on the lips. It is really pretty, though, and is a really nice shade for summer. As this one wears off, it becomes a bit patchy as some spots seem to wear away faster than others, but a quick touch up fixes it all!

Overall, this is an amazing palette, and is honestly a steal at such a low price point. I would highly suggest running around to your local Burlingtons or Ross’ and seeing if you can snag one of these for yourselves. Seriously, I would pay $8 for one of these blushes alone, but along with 2 other blushes, all those shadows, and lip glosses? An insane steal. Everything is really great quality, too, so you no that you’re getting a great deal. I’m actually considering buying another one of these for myself, just to have a backup for if I ever run out of anything from this one, or if I lose it or break it or something.  Plus, it’s cruelty free, as stated on the back! An added bonus.

Now, if you don’t have a Ross or Burlington near you, or you do but don’t find any of these little guys, you might be asking yourself: Should you buy this for $17 on Amazon? $17 is pretty expensive for some drugstore brand. But let me assure you that the answer to that question is yes. So many colors, so many shadows, so many ways to work with them. The blushes and glosses are also all great, and so even at that price point I would highly recommend getting one of these.

Overall this is one of my favorite palettes. No, it’s not the best quality thing I own. Nor is it because it contains my favorite shades of things. It’s because it is the most bang-for-your-buck worthy palette I own, as well as the most travel friendly! Like I said, you can do nearly any look with this little guy.

Anyone else have this palette? What’re your thoughts?

Also, have anything you want me to review? Suggest it to me in the comments! In case you haven’t noticed if you’ve been keeping up with my blog, I like to do detailed reviews, so if you want anything reviewed in-depth, send me a suggestion of it! See ya next week!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great day/night/life!


2 thoughts on “NYX Be Free Palette Review

  1. What a beautiful palette! Thanks for sharing! Just checked on eBay and its available there too. Though I know some people don’t like getting makeup through eBay


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