Ipsy Bag July 2015 Review!

Hey guys! Hope you’re all doing well. Today is pretty exciting, I’m doing my very first Ipsy bag review! Woo! I’ve been receiving these bags since around November, I believe, and have been pretty happy with the majority of them, and luckily, this month is no different.

For those who don’t know, Ipsy is a subscription bag service that is only $10 a month. Every month, you get a themed bag that contains 5 makeup or beauty products. Sometimes they are small sample sizes, deluxe sample sizes, or even full sized things! I believe it is way worth the $10 (most months, at least). This month’s theme is Summer Lovin’, so let’s take a dive into the bag and see what I got!

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Physician’s Formula Sexy Booster Cat Eye Collection Mascara Review!

Hey guys! Whoa, a post on a Monday night rather than the weekend? Weird, right? Well, it’s because I won’t be able to post something two weekends from now because I’m going on vacation, so I figured I’ll post something now to make up for it!

Today I have another Physician’s Formula Review, but unlike last time, it’s not just about discounted products. It’s even better: A free product! Yep. Physician’s Formula had a giveaway of sorts a few weeks ago that I entered, and ended up being one of the winners! I wasn’t even sure what exactly I was entering to win, to be honest, but I just went for it. And then, this morning, a lovely little surprise arrived in my mail! The Physician’s Formula Sexy Booster Cat Eye Collection Mascara! (Is it just me, or do they have some ridiculous names of products?) The packaging I have says it is a “new” product, and I think that’s why the giveaway was going on, but when I googled the product there are reviews of this product since January of this year. Maybe it was only in select areas before, and now they’re going to be distributing them everywhere? I haven’t seen this at my local drugstores, so it would be new to my area, but who knows!

Anyways, let’s take a better look, shall we?

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My Vacation Makeup Bag(s)!

Hello all! Hope you’re all doing well. Although I’ve been trying to stick to reviews, I figured that while I’m packing for vacation it’d be fun to show you guys what I’m packing makeup wise for vacation!

There is a teeny issue with that though: I am not a light packer when it comes to makeup. I’m one of those people who are like ‘Well what if one night I want to do a bright berry lip? I have to pack one of those then!’, even when I know there will be nothing that calls for that while I’m away. So this is kind of extensive. But, I’m sure if you read some of my other posts, you’ve realized I like to be quite thorough with my reviews and explanations, so lets get started!

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Discounted Physician’s Formula Products Review!

Hello all! Hope you’re having a great week.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love a good bargain? Because I do. And with a Burlington Coat Factory so close to me, it’s hard to not come across a great steal from there. This week, I have a total of eight products from the Physician’s Formula brand (one of the more expensive brands of the drugstore) that only cost me a total of $10. Yep, eight products for ten dollars. Amazing, right?

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NYX Be Free Palette Review

Hello! How’s everyone doing today? I have a pretty nice review for you all today, on the NYX Be Free Palette

all 1

all 2

all 3

This palette contains a whopping 25 eyeshadows, 3 blushes, and 7 lip glosses (the blushes and lip glosses are in a little pullout tray on the bottom, keeping your glosses mostly safe from powder fallout). And the best part? It was only $8! Yep, that’s right. I got mine for $8 from Ross. The original retail price for this palette is $20, but it seems to be no longer available from mass retailers, like Ulta. I have seen the Be Free palette at least 2 Ross locations and 2 Burlington locations, so I’m sure that there are these palettes floating around somewhere at your local Ross/Burlington/Marshall’s/etc. Plus, it’s available on Amazon, though it is selling for $17 there.

Let’s start off with the eyeshadows, shall we?

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